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Project Masterz is owned by Jason Laufenberg who is an accomplished tradesman of at least 30 years. I was born and raised in construction and have been with it, both with the tools on, and selling projects nearly all of my working days. My experience coupled with 3D modeling has put me in a position where I now know that I can build you literally anything. Because I have the personal skillsets to build with steel, concrete, stone, wood, tile, brick, glass, I know that anything we can design using 3D modeling software, I can build for you if the model uses those materials. Because I personally will be able to build your project I can decide how much of your project I will do the tools on work of, and how much must be subcontracted out. So for all work I categorize myself as a General Contractor. I am happy to perform the work of, or manage the completion of run-of-the-mill smaller projects, but I am always looking for passion projects that will let me build something I never have built before. Custom machinery, land development opportunities, engineering marvels, are some of the projects I would be super inspired to work on. Please contact me for a free consultation on whatever project you want built, and I will tell you “We can do it!”, and give you the budget you would need to get the job done with Project Masterz.
How We Work


$1,500 - 200,000

From the small project that no one else can do, to the medium project that you want full design control over, Project Masterz can help you.